The well with living water

A few times God has been speaking about wells and source of living water through my spiritual father and uncles in destiny. Yesterday, God reminded me again. We are like wells. Wells that need to be filled with living water. Overflowing with living water.

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A falling star is not a dead star

A few days ago, God reminded me of a black hole that just opened in outer space. A black hole is a massive object with immense gravity that is unescapable, absorbing whatever matter that surrounds it while enlarging its size. A black hole can be formed by the death of a star. It occurs when a star has exhausted the internal thermonuclear fuel in its core where it becomes unstable and collapses inward. Either big or small, a star can die. But imagine if a massive star dies, its impact is larger; therefore called a supernova. If a well known public figure ended up in a scandal, the whole country and world would know compared to a lowly beggar on the street! No one would care.

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Transfers in the spiritual bank accounts

The time has come for the generation of Joshua & Caleb to lead and conquer. There are ongoing transfers between the spiritual bank account of the previous generation to the new generation. We have to be active in prayers and in receiving the impartation of the Word of the Kingdom of God.

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